Case Study:


Redesigning a game developers’ website to enhance their user engagement and sales.

Mockup of the ONUKO case study

Redesigning ONUKO's Website to Embrace the New Expansion


In this case study, I embark on an epic journey into the realm of ONUKO, a fantasy gaming universe brought to life by the visionary developers at Yellow Rubik. The original game, released in 2009, has enchanted players, and now, as a new expansion beckons, I set out to craft a digital gateway that not only embraces the expansion’s vibrant color palette but also reinvigorates player engagement. The goal is to breathe new life into the ONUKO franchise, transcending the limitations of an outdated website.

My Role

Sole UI/UX Designer


2 Months


Figma, Adobe PS

Problem Statement

While ONUKO initially captured the imaginations of gamers, sales of the original game have plateaued. The arrival of a thrilling new expansion presents an opportunity for a revival, and a key element in achieving this is the transformation of the ONUKO website. The current website is a relic of the past, incapable of conveying the splendor of the expansion. My challenge is to reimagine and redesign the website to reflect the expansion’s rich aesthetic and captivate both new and returning players.

Research and Analysis

My journey begins with a deep dive into the ONUKO universe. I analyze the game’s lore, immerse myself in its visuals, and survey the aspirations of its player community. The findings highlight the need for a visually stunning, user-friendly website that draws players deeper into the fantasy, providing essential information about the expansion and fostering a sense of belonging within the ONUKO community.

Ideation and Conceptualization

The ideation phase sees the birth of creative concepts inspired by the expansion’s color theme. Sketches, wireframes, and design explorations help me envision the new website. With the player community in mind, I refine ideas to ensure that my design resonates with the unique desires of ONUKO’s dedicated players.

Design and Iteration

The heart of the project lies in crafting a captivating user experience. I translate my ideas into high-fidelity designs, focusing on intuitive navigation and visually stunning content presentation. Iterative design allows me to fine-tune the concepts, ensuring a seamless interface that beckons players to explore the expansion’s wonders.


Collaborating closely with Yellow Rubik’s developers, we bring the design to life, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to seamlessly integrate real-time updates, interactive elements, and an enchanting visual experience. The close collaboration ensures that the website becomes a living, breathing extension of the ONUKO universe.

Results and Impact

As the expansion unfolds, the redesigned ONUKO website becomes a gateway to adventure. The player base surges, and social media buzz reaches unprecedented heights. User engagement metrics, including prolonged time spent on the site and content sharing, far exceed expectations. The website’s transformation not only rejuvenates ONUKO but also strengthens the bonds within the player community.

BD website section image results and impact
BD website section image conclusion

The reimagining of the ONUKO website stands as a testament to the power of design in the gaming industry. By crafting a visually captivating and user-centric platform that embodies the expansion’s color theme, I’ve paved the way for ONUKO’s resurgence. The website now serves as a portal to a world of fantasy, seamlessly welcoming players into the enchanting realm of ONUKO and setting the stage for a thrilling new chapter in the gaming universe.

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