Case Study:


Redesigning an established equestrian supplier’s website to elevate engagement and competitiveness.

Mockup of the Frohna project

FROHNA - Transforming Tradition into Triumph


FROHNA, an esteemed equestrian supplies company with a legacy of 127 years, approached me to redefine its online presence. The challenge was clear: redesign their website to showcase hundreds of products, enhance the user experience for customers, and ultimately drive online sales. This project was a unique opportunity to bridge tradition with modernity.

My Role

Sole UI/UX Designer


2 Months


Figma, Adobe PS

Problem Statement

The existing FROHNA website was outdated and cumbersome, hindering potential sales. With a vast catalog of products, disorganized navigation, and limited user engagement, the company was missing out on substantial revenue. My mission was to revitalize their online platform and revamp the user journey.

Research and Analysis

I began with extensive market research and user interviews. Understanding the equestrian community’s unique needs and preferences was paramount. Leveraging data-driven insights, I unearthed pain points, like complex navigation and a lack of product information.

Ideation and Conceptualization

My ideation phase involved sketching wireframes and prototyping various design concepts. The focus was on creating a seamless user experience that highlighted FROHNA’s extensive product range. The final concept was born from user-centered design principles, ensuring every element had a purpose.

Design and Iteration

I embarked on the design phase, crafting visually appealing interfaces that balanced aesthetics with functionality. Iteration played a crucial role in refining the design based on user feedback and usability testing. Challenges like the overloaded mega menu were addressed systematically.


Collaborating closely with the development team, I helped to guarantee a smooth transition from design to implementation. This phase was about turning the design vision into a functional reality.

Results and Impact

The results were transformative. Within the first year of relaunch, FROHNA tripled its online sales. User interaction increased by an impressive 45%, and bounce rates reduced significantly. Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, praising the revamped user experience.

BD website section image results and impact
BD website section image conclusion

In redesigning FROHNA’s website, I successfully merged tradition with modernity, breathing new life into a company with a remarkable heritage. The measurable outcomes speak volumes, showcasing the power of user-centered design.

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