Case Study:

Basic Icon Set 

Essential icons in the variants outlined and filled for every design.

mockup of a basic icon set

Designing a Basic Outlined and Filled Icon Set


In this case study, I present a basic icon set, a versatile collection of icons offered in both outlined and filled variants, catering to a variety of design needs.

My Role

Sole UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer


Figma, Adobe AI

BD website section image implementation

My aim was to create a set of icons that would serve as fundamental elements for a wide range of design projects.

Design Approach

I focused on simplicity and clarity, ensuring that each icon would communicate its purpose effectively. By providing both outlined and filled variants, I aimed to offer flexibility and adaptability.

Results and Conclusion

The basic icon set offers a comprehensive selection of icons suitable for various design applications. With outlined and filled versions, designers can choose the style that best fits their project’s requirements.

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Mockup of icon set in glass style

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